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Freja Gray's Profile
Freja Gray
formerly Jason Gray
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Registration date: 1st Jul 2015
Last seen: 2 days ago, 12:57 PM
Posts: 86
Comments left: 234
Ratings given: 5 / 96
Profile views: 1180
Location: Canada
Freja Gray's Webcomics
No Refund
After losing her manager to a tragic merchandising accident Izumi and her best friend, Maria, are left to contend with the array of demons and monsters secretly running the Oh Joy Toy company.
No Refund is an action horror comedy centered around a predominately female cast.

Tags: lgbt, lgbtq, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, pansexual, queer, poc, woc, gay, sex positive, diversity, action, violence, blood, gore, demons, monsters, myth, Canada, Canadian, Ontario, lake ontario, ferro, horror

Last update: 24th Jul 2018
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No Refund Extras
This is supplemental material to my main webcomic, No Refund. It's a mix of side comics, drawings, and whatever else I figure would be interesting to readers.
Last update: 25th Jun 2017
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