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Registration date: 24th Mar 2018
Last seen: 20th May 2018, 4:11 PM
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Location: USA
About me
I'm a senior wanting to make comics as well as be a writer and animator.

FunsterTime's comics
The Fox Artist
The Fox Artist is an internet comic strip about an amateur comic book artist and his crew making a living on what they love doing while facing real life conflicts in a fictitious animal-only universe. The series was originally going to be a Line Webtoon comic but the file sizes didn't match. As of March 24, 2018, the website and the comics are currently in development.
FunsterTime (or Brown "Max" Herrick) is responsible for writing, drawing and even animating The Fox Artist series. It will be one of his long-running series along with other projects he is working on. Born in America for 18 years, Brown is currently in his senior year of high school attending to colleges. Brown likes playing video games, talking with friends, listening to music, and drawing on his spare time while working on his comics. He hates dealing with problems that are unnecessary. His favorite food is Fried Chicken.

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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