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Registration date: 12th Nov 2011
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About Me
I'm a web comic maker, who has made a mark on Comic Fury with my comic Sonic Heroes Saga. Yes, I am a Sonic fan and of the video game Sonic Heroes...even if some of the more recent games aren't as good as the older ones. Please message me if you want to talk to me.

FuryMaker3249's Webcomics
Shadow The Hedgehog Adventure
This comic is a spin off of my comic Sonic Heroes Saga. But, it's mostly around Shadow and figuring out his path more: With no stupid amnesia all over again plot point.

It's also a complete retelling of the Shadow the Hedgehog game, with more lightness amidst the dark and plenty of twists and turns.

For as long as it's a active comic, it updates with a chapter at a time.

Comments will be taken under consideration. Hopefully, you enjoy it.

Last update: 13th Sep 2019
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Sonic Heroes Saga
This comic is a continuation of the video game Sonic Heroes, with Metal Sonic and Dr. Robotnik as the main villains. It's up to Sonic and his allies to stop them from carrying out their sinister plans. Comments have been taken under consideration. Enjoy!
Last update: 23rd Nov 2011
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Ultimate Alliance Saga
This comic is an alternate universe in itself, where the top twelve DC and Marvel superheroes have to team up to save the world from two of the most evil super-villains you can imagine. And all told from Deadpool's perspective.
Last update: 31st May 2012
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It's a dark future on Earth, for it has been taken over by the Hormon. They're a group of five supervillains, one of which is having doubts about their past actions. Can one person undo this dark future, or is this future here to stay? This comic is completely made up, but all sprites and pictures used are credited to whoever put them on the web(I just modified the sprites to be relatively more original).
Last update: 9th Apr 2012
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Dark Spiderman Saga
This comic is a different version of the mainstream Spider-man continuity, so you can take it or leave it. I promise that it'll be dark though, so if you like've come to the right place. Comments will be taken under consideration. Enjoy.
Last update: 25th Feb 2012
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