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My name is Frank, and I love story telling. I've been working on Bi-Morphon, part of Frozen Box Comics, for well over 2 years. 2010, actually. I've been working hard to atleast get to chapter 7, so I can print my first book. After that, I plan on starting a smaller comic that is part of the same universe, but in a different time. Once that's done, it's back to finishing Bi-Morphon. I want to make printed copies of the comic to display on conventions, and hopefully one day to sit in a table at Comic Con. Pretty big goal, I know. ^_^;

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Bi-Morphon Bi-Morphon
The humans are not alone in the universe, as two small androids travel from planet to planet, attempting to defend them from annihilation. After reaching Earth, they meet their human hosts and defend it from an evil that’s been unstoppable. Can the humans help the androids protect Earth? Or will they only postpone the inevitable?
Last update: 7th Nov 2016
Bi-Morphon (spanish) Bi-Morphon (spanish)
Los humanos no estamos solos en el universo, como dos pequeños androides viajan de un planeta a otro, tratando de defenderse de la aniquilación. Después de llegar a la Tierra, se encuentran con sus huéspedes humanos y defenderla de un mal que ha sido imparable. ¿Pueden los seres humanos ayudar a los androides proteger la Tierra? ¿O sólo posponer lo inevitable?
Last update: 24th Jul 2014
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