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Computer programmer. Aspiring game designer. Former webcomics author. Sometimes plays music.

Read my blog, where I talk incessantly about all of the above, but mostly Zelda.

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Horizons Horizons
It's just a little project to develop the backstory to my video game, Project Horizon.

It's fantasy plus a little bit of everything else.

Last update: 28th Sep 2011
To Prove A Point To Prove A Point
This comic is not designed to entertain. This comic is not designed to inform. This comic is not designed to be good.

This comic was not made out of love, or out of artistry, or out of necessity. This comic was made out of pure, cold spite.

I was doing comic reviews, and one of those criticized responded rather harshly. I countered by saying "I could literally write a program to generate your comics for you."

He said "Do it".

I did it.

All of the "comics" you are about to see were generated by a computer program. 90 lines of bash and 10 lines of Perl, as of this writing. I contribute nothing to the artistic process.

If there is art here, it is not mine. If there is no art here, then that, too, is not mine.

Last update: 11th Oct 2011