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Tattoo artist that also does comics. Creator of Die Erste Liebe. Obsessed with death and other morbid things.


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Die Erste Liebe Die Erste Liebe
A dark fairy tale about a boy who falls in love with Death's daughter and the horrible consequences thereof.
Last update: 10th May 2019
Violent Content Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
Le Petit Monstre Le Petit Monstre
Honey's got quite the life. Her sister can't stand her. Her entire town thinks she's a weirdo. And even worse, her best friend is being forcefully wed to some broad. To top it all off Honey can see things. Strange things. Creatures beyond anything she wants to imagine.

Plagued by nightmares, monsters and isolation, will Honey finally crack trying to stay sane, or will the appearance of an equally as strange girl change things for the better?

[[6 page short]]

Last update: 31st May 2016
Frequent Strong Language