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Registration date: 11th Oct 2011
Last seen: 18th Mar 2018, 7:28 PM
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Location: Hamilton
About Me
I live in Canada. I do art and webcomics. YEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!


Shoot me an email if you have any questions or whatever..., yo.



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Gangerworld's Webcomics
Wayward Archived
So I decided this would be a great place to archive my first 2 webcomic forays. See prior to making these comics, I'd only been drawing on paper for friends and family. I never thought about putting my work online. This was my first jaunt into the world of webcomics.

They happened to revolve around a character with the same name: Wayward Jones

1st came Wayward Hours - It was about a late-night radio host, and would've had some paranormal aspects to it. But I found it hard to come up with a gag a day and being new to the medium, I didn't think about what I'm doing now: working on a huge buffer of material as the pros do it. So after that along came -

Wayward Hours in Panels - This was more autobiographical, starring friends and family and having storylines revolving around stuff that happened to me. It went on a bit longer, and it - along with the first Wayward comic was fun to do.

But I didn't want to do gag comics - though they were fun. I wanted to do story comics. Back then I didn't think I was good enough. Now, I just don't care. =)

So please enjoy this archive of my first webcomic work. And thanks!

Last update: 7th Jun 2013
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The Redbook
10 years ago, The Messenger sister's mother disappeared. With new certainty that she's still alive and in the clutches of a powerful space pirate, Abby and Esther take the family ship and with their mechanical brother Zeeg, begin a galactic search that will leave no star unturned.
Last update: 30th Jul 2013
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Donnybrook is a super human hero webcomic about Winifred Winters, a superhuman hero of WWII and Rhoda van der Woerd, a government agent tasked with working with super humans to battle the evil super human threat.
Last update: 10th Feb 2012
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**COMPLETED! Thanks for reading!**

This comic was a NaNo project. Be it Webcomic NaNo or NaNoManGo, the concept is simple: 1 comic page a day for the entire month of November.

The comic itself is a bit of a surreal jaunt into a young woman who's apparently switched bodies with the princess of a magical kingdom.

Last update: 23rd Dec 2012
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