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Registration date: 11th Apr 2015
Last seen: 2nd Apr 2019, 6:06 AM
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About Me
"I love comics. After a lifetime of reading them, now I'm trying to make them. The art starts out raw, but gets better as it goes (so far at least).I've had fun making this and I hope you have fun reading it."

Garth Gilbert 2015

Hoodz and Caperz

Garthvader76's Webcomics
Hoodz and Caperz
A super powered galaxy where the Capes go up against the Hoods. It's a book filled with fights, fornication, and all things fantastic from yesterday and today. This is my love letter to a genre that I've read for decades

It's a superhero super-villain affair.

Last update: 8th Jan 2018
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Hoodz and Caperz Roll Call
A companion series for HOODZ AND CAPERZ. It's got the who's who and the what's what.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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