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Ginger Phoenix's Profile
Ginger Phoenix
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Registration date: 4th Dec 2011
Last seen: 22nd Oct 2015, 7:25 AM
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Location: United Kingdom
About Me
Well, I write stories, I create characters and I draw, alot. The majority of my stories are fantasy based and are one of my great loves. You could say that 'Back and Forth' is the odd one out of the bunch and to me that makes it rather special.

I enjoy online written RPs which helps keep my creative juices flowing and draw multiple pictures of my RP charries too.

I adore dragons and I'm an avid collector of them in all shapes and forms (and you can probably spot a bit of influence of them in the characters of my current comic!)

I think thats all for now, just to give you a bit of an idea of who I am!

Ginger Phoenix's Webcomics
Back & Forth
Follows the lives and trials of best mates Zak and Benji and their friends trying to cope with every mishap, trouble and surprise that comes thier way. You never know what sort of unexpected 'monster' might be lurking just around the corner....

Been missing for nearly a year but finally getting things back together! Updates Wednesdays.

Last update: 29th Jul 2015
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