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Goblins's Profile
formerly Nathan the Marsh
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Registration date: 15th Mar 2014
Last seen: Yesterday, 6:58 AM
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Location: Washington
About me
Hey. The name's nathan. I'm currently 24 years old living in nowhere-you-ever-heard-of Washington. I've been drawing comics since i was 9, but this is my first public, professional sort of outing. My goal is to make this goofy thing i do into a career one day; But for now, I'd just be ecstatic if you laughed at my comic's dumb jokes. Thank you and enjoy!

Goblins's comics
Not Mine: Retold
Inspired by short and spooky campfire stories, 'Not Mine' tells the tale of a man named Logan and an unexpected meeting as he steps between shadow and light. (An updated version of the 'Not Mine' comic)
Last update: 30th Oct 2018
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This is the Life?
Hero and Bart are just starting to get out on their own, and life is sweet! with a new apartment, new jobs and plenty of crazy friends to keep things interesting, what could possibly go wrong? I mean, besides little things like PTSD afflicted parakeets, finnjas, labyrinthine supermarkets, insane jetpack grandpas, and the greatest challenge of all, trying to call your parents every once in a while? I think they'll be fine.
Last update: 2 days ago
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The witchild's slave
The witchild's slave follows the sorceress Ailee (the titular witch child) and the swordsman Garen (the titular slave) as they travel across a fantastic fantasy world to find a dungeon full of treasure and, hopefully, separation from the enchantment which binds them. As long as they don't kill each other before that...
Last update: 23rd Mar 2018
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Not Mine
Not mine is a short story in comic format, taking inspiration from campfire stories and urban myths.
Last update: 21st May 2016
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