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Registration date: 24th Nov 2014
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Location: Finland
About me
A person from Finland, that is I.
I am an artist and an avid daydreamer.
I never know what to write in these things.

Gomis's comics
Ghost Syndrome
An urban fantasy horror adventure starts when Vivian becomes a vampire and soon finds herself deep in the heart of the troubles of the very, very loosely knit magic society.

Updates weekly on Fridays.

Rated 15+

Last update: 10 days ago
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It's hard to keep a low profile when you're a deertaur and the majority of your friend circle is also monster people.

I mostly draw this comic during 24 hours comic events, so it's drawn very rarely, but one chapter at a time.

Chapter 1 drawn in 2013 as a 24 hours comic.
Chapter 2 drawn in 2015 as a 24 hours comic.
Chapter 3 drawn in 2015-2016 as a 24 hours comic and finished later.

Also found in dA.

Last update: 9th Feb 2016
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