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Hailey Stone, a 15 year old sledge hammer is suddenly thrown into a whacky below average summer camp along the Machinery Mountainsides. What friends will she make on her 2 month trip to this place in the woods? What foes shall she face in the dreaded dodgeball arena? What is this, this isn't an object show, where are the challenges? Lol, Gravity Falls references? Is there even a main storyline or mysterious backstory at all? (Almost) all of these questions will be answered, here, at Camp Toolbox, a “drama” filled, snail-paced comedy series, where in 2 short months, you too can learn the ways of the wilderness (and have minor brain damage)!

(Heavily inspired by Bfdi by Jacknjellify, Inanimate Insanity I, II and III by AnimationEpic and especially non-competition shows like Modern Objects by Ricktoons)

(5-10 new pages every Saturday)

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