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Someone told me you need to do something called “sleep” to gain energy? What the hell is “sleep”?


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Camp Toolbox (Discontinued) Camp Toolbox (Discontinued)
An offbeat, dram-edy series featuring Hailey Stone, a sentient hammer thrown handle-first into a summer camp with 68 OSHA violations under it's belt (pun intended). Tasers, knock-offs, unguarded 60 foot cliffs and a light dusting of drama; what else does a dysfunctional summer camp need? Welcome to Camp Toolbox, where in 2 short months, you too can learn the ways of the wilderness (and possibly break all of your bones)!

(Heavily inspired by BFDI, BFDIA, IDFB and BFB by Jacknjellify, Inanimate Insanity I, II and III by AnimationEpic and especially non-competition object shows like Modern Objects by Ricktoons)

(New pages on Saturdays)

Last update: 11th Feb 2023
Occasional Strong Language
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An archive for random maybe not Camp Toolbox related stuff

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