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Registration date: 28th Dec 2016
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Location: Florida
About me
-Externally Screaming-

You remember that one quiet kid in school who always had their nose in a sketchbook and headphones blaring metal? Yeah, that's me.

((Currently getting my metaphorical shit together))

GoodOlFox's comics
GoodOlFox's Sketchbook
If you've ever seen any of my comics you'll know I have a bit of a 'sketchy' art style to say the least. I've created this to act as a sort of portfolio for anything i do: drawings, sketches, animations, you name it. Most of the time, and drawings or sketches i post will have small bits of lore tied in with them. These bits of lore will deal with some of the stories I have in my head, and the one I posted here on CF (before I deleted it because I didn't have any time at all to work on it).

This comic will update whenever I get a sketch or drawing I deam worthy of sharing, which could be as often as everyday or once a month (somewhere in between that more than likely).

Last update: 1st Dec 2017
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After accidentally getting involved in a heated war between two secret factions, Kara and her friend Justin must fight to save their world from the threat of the Wild Hunt.
Last update: 12th Dec 2017
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