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I'm an artist, blogger, goth and brain injury survivor.
I am a professional digital artist but also use mixed media. I also make custom clay chibi dolls. My studio Gothickangel makes artwork balancing light and darkness within our world and beyond it. Light does not always mean divine, dark not always evil.


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Darknight Darknight
Lily Knight is a dark phoenix, but comparable to that of an arc demon. Misunderstood, she is an ancient being and used to create chaos in her favor. But in the last few years has begun to explore more of what humanity is. She struggles with her inner darkness and her inner light. Now she allies herself with different Beings like angels, werewolves and others to become a dark protector. Taking on those whom would wish to do her new home harm.

My Studio website:
I release a new free page once a month.

Last update: 30th Apr 2022
Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language