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Luna's Cross
The year is 1922. After the end of The Great War, many veterans, disillusioned and disgusted by their experiences, or maybe just addicted to danger, drifted East past Hungary, West to America, or South to North Africa.
Raymond Amonski, a pilot during the War, chose to go South, becoming a courier and occasional mercenary, traveling Mediterranean Africa in his small airboat.
But Ray has always had a hard time taking his own advice and staying out of trouble. And his skills with his gun and his fists might not be enough to deal with the tribal uprising taking root out in the desert, or the foreign forces establishing their footholds in the Nile River Delta and beyond. Even the Cobalt Hammer, Raymond's powerful Mechanical Armor, won't allow him to smash and break his way out of this situation.

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Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
The Grand Road
Nearly three thousand years have passed since the Old World came crashing down, and Mankind has spent these millennia dragging itself forward out of the rubble. Now, great kingdoms rise throughout and beyond the Valley; grand, towering castles stand proudly, holding out the chaos, protecting their peoples. But as it is to be with any world, it has its monsters, its great villains, and it has wonders and terrors innumerable and inconceivable.
And, twisting and winding and cutting through and beyond the Valley Teins, is The Grand Road. Greatest standing monument to the Ones Who Went Before, the Road allows travel and trade across the lands, free for the use of all who would need it.
And the Road, and those who walk it, are guarded by the Protectorate Houses. By the Riders.
Taz is one of these riders, a Knight Errant who rides his routes, seeking out brigands and highwaymen. And ever meeting new people, finding new adventures, and learning new songs to play on his harmonica.

Last update: 7th Oct 2020
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language