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I'm Hapsutin. A guy who likes to draw webcomics. I have a weird habit using my main 4 OCs in everything. They are also the main characters in my webcomic, Flat of Four. I am also working with other projects of mine more or less. One of those projects being a fantasy novel. (And yes, my weird habit complies in that novel too) Therefore, the updating of FoF might be slow, since I sometimes get stuck drawing something or writing the novel.

You can find me also from Deviantart

There I mainly update anything related to my projects and I am planning on uploading my the fantasy novel there too, so if you like, stay tuned.

Hapsutin's Webcomics
Little Booklet of the Universe
This is a comic about a Floran named Myhr who left her homeplanet for some reason to experience the adventure of her lifetime. And to find friends...

Based on a game called Starbound.

Last update: 15th Apr 2014
Flat of Four
Welcome to Raindrop Street 1. It is an apartment that is inhabited by four different type of girls. They are all from different countries and that can form some awkward and / or unexpected situations between them.
Last update: 9th Jan 2016
Frequent Strong Language