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Hey, I'm Harrie! they/she

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Heart of the Storm
Tempest is a wanted pirate with no ship and no attachments, who spends her time dancing around the gallows and making a mockery of the law.

But that might all change when she saves Callisto's life.

Last update: 11th Dec 2019
[Currently on indefinite hold as I work on preparing Heart of the Storm for release]

poplocke is a nuzlocke comic of my volt white 2 run! I streamed the run a few years ago, and now I'm making it a comic as a little backburner project :^)

As it is a nuzlocke, there are going to be themes of animal death and violence and mildly strong language, but I'd only rate this as a teen - nothing egregious.

Last update: 5th Jun 2020
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language