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I do write stories, animating, some drawing and Roleplay. I have all my stories on my Wattpad drawings on my DeviantArt and on YouTube

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Leah's Story Leah's Story
I have to thank AriaSnow for helping me with the plot. This takes place about three years after Hero of Twilight.

A young Gerudo named Leah is trying to prove her tribe she isn't like Ivy, who was killed by Nabooru many seasons ago. Grenda tries to make her take her offer, but she refused to. Rosemary, an Elite member swarm to her oath to protect Leah and her sister Aqua. After Grenda was executed, Many more challenges wait for Leah.

The Zelda series belongs to Nintendo and Warriors belong to Erin Hunter.

Last update: 22nd Feb 2022
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MMPSH: Finding your Voice MMPSH: Finding your Voice
Where it took Place after Am's battle with Fuyuki. This comic is the tale of Angela and Heather.

After losing Cleo, Angela felt depressed and alone. Heather realized that her friend needed all the comfort. Later Angela's feelings start to emerge for Heather.

This is a crossover of Pokemon and Tokyo Mew Mew.
And yes, it's LGBT+ related.

Last update: 1st May 2022
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