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Serpents of the Old Nature Serpents of the Old Nature
Beware Beware the Great Black Wall,
Within the forest standing tall;
Within its borders all must dread
The clever beasts disguised as men.

Last update: 16th Dec 2021
Graphic Violence / Gore
Crossover Exchange Crossover Exchange
Characters from all types of comic universes are coming together! How will they interact? Will out-of-comic friendships be formed? Will new rivalries surface? Here is the place to find out!
Last update: 14th Feb 2022
Serpents of Old Fan Art! Serpents of Old Fan Art!
Beautiful works of art by hands other than my own, featuring the cast of Serpents of Old!

Here I will even post some collab works and my favorite art trades! All credit of COURSE going back to the artists involved!

I adore each and every one of the artworks featured here! And more is always welcome <33

Last update: 10th Jul 2020

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I have a tattoo of her face right over my heart <3
Love IS an open door <:'D

My mind can't take-ness her coloring GREATness!!