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Comics that are quite... appealing.

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Brummie Batman
Anybody can be Batman – you, me, that McDonald’s cashier who put gherkins on your Big Mac last weekend even after you specifically told her three times not to. All you need are a pair of ridiculously okay-looking pyjamas and a can-do attitude to mask the embarrassment of being the only friend amongst your super group without any powers.

Whoever this man is, one thing’s for certain: he isn’t the hero this city needs, nor the one it deserves, nor the one it wants. We’re not even sure why he exists, but he’s the best gift to the Midlands we have to offer right now.

Did you know Birmingham has more canals than Venice with 56 km of waterways?

Last update: 29th Mar 2020
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
Hardboiled Holmes
Last update: 28th Oct 2017
Mr Melancholy
Let us take a short walk down misery lane as this small comic tells the story of Mr Melancholy - an isolated and friendless outcast who is forced to live on the grim and gloomy island known as Melancholy Mountains. Can this sorrowful soul find a way to leave this loathsome land and begin a new life? For his sake, we must hope so. For Mr Melancholy is tired of living a life of distress with very little relevance or meaning. Join him on his journey - wherever he goes, you shall follow... As he allows you to lay eyes upon his world of unforgiving and endless sorrow.
Last update: 2nd Dec 2015
Here's A Banana
Last update: 2nd Aug 2015
Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language