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XÓCHITL: The Demon Slayer
A young girl from a small village in Mexico named Xóchitl finds a mysterious sword one day. She discovers that the sword has the power to kill demons, something no other sword in the world could do. She became known as the Demon Slayer and once word was out about her new status, a group of teenagers kidnap her and forces her to cast a demon out of their friend. After, she learns that they're also on a mission to save the world from demons. She decides to join them on their mission to save humanity but along the way, they encounter many enemies. Some humans, some spirits, and some mythical creatures. Xóchitl doesn't know what the future holds for her but can a 14 year old girl actually rid the world of evil especially while discovering the beast that lies within her?
Last update: 19th Jul 2020
HINATA: The Demon Slayer
Demons, witches, spirits, zombies, vampires, werewolves, and wicked powers. These things exist in the world of fourteen year old, Hinata Tlaltelpa.She just so happens to be a werewolf herself. And one of the last one's at that. Because of her heritage, she's rejected by most people at least until something happens that changes her life forever.
When she finds a mysterious blade in Sosync's Forest one day, she becomes the next Demon Slayer and is destined to kill all demons on earth and to, ultimately, kill Onbrunemeru, the ruler of demons. But it won't be easy. Embark on a quest to end evil...
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All characters and events in this story are entirely fictional and are made from the author's imagination.
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Last update: 15th Jun 2017
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language