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formerly Edward Carter
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It's just Hindbodes, the guy who makes some comics when he feels like it.
Or when he feels guilty for not making them.
Fatal Expression is now the ancient past.
Crack Putty is the only thing that matters.

You live for the ants! The ant comics are all that matter!

Hindbodes's Webcomics
Lives of Mining Lives of Mining
Lives of Mining is the story of Todd, Nate, and Francis: three human beings who lived within the boundaries and mechanics of a shifting Minecraft reality. The world of monsters and endless mountains they were born in was all they knew, and the knowledge of a nuanced action of doing so much as a normal handshake was beyond them. That was, at least, until the physics of their world did what Minecraft players don't hear about, and developed into having a set of rules more complex and freeing than those of the game you play, and more like those of our own universe...

Through the eyes of newborns to a world harsher and less meaningful than our own, Lives of Mining explores the psychological implications of being a conscious human being who is stuck within the reality of an ethereally-adjusted but faithful representation of Minecraft, and why that's not a better world to live in than our own Milky Way galaxy.

Last update: 1st Jun 2019
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
Fatal Expression Fatal Expression
Fatal Expression is 100 comics worth of old content I made up about cartoonish characters who inhabit one home planet, an alien planet, and one really strange plane of existence in the middle of nowhere. There are a few art shifts that randomly occur throughout, which includes pixel art.
This comic updated every Saturday and every Sunday for almost a year until 100 strips were made. It was my first public comic series ever. Please do not subscribe; I'm not updating it anymore and won't update it again. However, you can check out Crack Putty if you want more content.

Last update: 14th Dec 2013
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
Crack Putty Crack Putty
Crack Putty is the strong, amorphous, stretchy and very versatile substance that fills the gaps between my major webcomic projects. It's kind of like Fatal Expression if it was better.
Last update: 6th Aug 2022
Violent Content Frequent Strong Language
Minecraft Fans Minecraft Fans
Nothing to see here yet, but if you liked Crack Putty you might as well subscribe in order to see when this does actually start. Take a look at Lives of Mining, which is a comic similar to this one in some ways, but also starting first, a lot sooner than this one.
Last update: 1st Jun 2016
Frequent Strong Language