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Hiro Odan's Profile
Hiro Odan♂

Registration date: 9th Oct 2010
Last seen: 5 days ago, 5:51 PM
Posts: 18
Comments left: 98
Ratings given: 4.5 / 2
Profile views: 723
Location: Aurora
About me
I'm the creator of Bridge University. I am also a gamer at Hiro Odan's YouTube page.

Hiro Odan's comics
Bridge University Comic
Bridge University is a webcomic made by Thomas. The comic is about a University that bridges many different worlds and parallel planes of existence. Come join us as the freshmen get grouped with the seniors and go on amazing adventures together.
Last update: 12th Jun 2016
[Comic profile]
Udon Noodles
A comic about strange things that happen and even stranger characters who try and solve the problems of the normal students, for a fee of course.
Last update: 21st Jan 2013
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