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Registration date: 9th Jan 2014
Last seen: 29th Mar 2019, 7:11 PM
Posts: 29
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Location: Kansas
About Me
I am an engineer of sorts who got bored and was told to start making comics by a friend. So here we are...

HotSliceOfJesus's Webcomics
Wilford The Walrus
The adventures of Wilford the Walrus from beginning to wherever he may go.
Updates Daily at midnight!

Last update: 12th Jun 2015
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The Traveler
The tale of our hero Chris Palmer as he travels to try to make a living. What kinds of people does he meet? Where will he go? When all you want to do is go home and enjoy the simple things somehow something will go wrong. Chaos just seems to follow him around. Will he ever find his way back?
Last update: 21st Jan 2015
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The Agony of Communication
Last update: 25th Feb 2015
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PETA for Kids (edited parody)
Long ago I edited a comic by the animal rights group PETA. A much younger version of myself and a few friends came up with some zany things for those kids to say.
Last update: 9th Apr 2016
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The Wilford and Friends Power Hour!
After his adventures Wilford the Walrus has resurfaced years later and is harassing his creator. Some old friends will probably drop by to join in on the fun.
Last update: 15th Feb 2018
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