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Heya! i love coffee, cats, cfilms, and comics. I'm not always online but I do my best when I can (≧▽≦)/

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Sakura Day (and the Four Seasons) Sakura Day (and the Four Seasons)
Sakura Day follows Meija's adventures as she is transported into a parallel world after a near fatal accident. When she learns that going back home is impossible, Meija decides she'll begin her new life with the eccentric tenants of the isolated Blaine mansion. But there are weird events abound following Meija like bears to honey.

genre: fantasy, romance, comedy, experimental

reading orientation: This webcomic is read RIGHT to left.

warnings: content flags are for occasional pages, the comic is not nsfw heavy in general; page titles will have trigger warnings for those occasional pages.


NEWS: This comic is discontinued for an extended hiatus in preparation for a story reboot. Read the comic's blog page for more info. If you'd like to tag along my prep work, you can follow me through my social-links in my website.

Last update: 30th Jun 2022
Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations