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Registration date: 1st Jul 2013
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Location: Philippines
About Me
Just a College kid, emphasis on kid.
Part time procrastinator

Putting off things until the last minute, Flaking out during the last minute, A track record of leaving projects unfinished, Avoiding people, To be in isolation for an extended period of time, Clumsiness and Awkwardness.

ImNowBoared's Webcomics
The Moon's Lost Boy
Finally, he opened his eyes and saw the full moon, shining so radiantly, shining so valiantly. It was as if its brightness and beauty shrouded him in its soft glow at the midst of this darkness. It was as if it spoke to him.
But it was then seconds after when he noticed the numbing pain on his chest, the cold iron spear beneath his lungs, and the warmth of his blood all around him.

This is a tale of a boy without an identity; the tale of the Moon's Lost Boy

Last update: 7th Apr 2018
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Lift the Pencil!
A Short Web comic of a boy in a universe where magic is the norm. But the thing is, Cryle is not part of the norm. All the other kids his age are able to wield the elements of the environment, while Cryle can't even lift a piece of pencil.


Updates Whenever

Last update: 6th Jul 2017
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