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Registration date: 14th Jun 2015
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Location: Canada
About me
Short story
I create NSFW, sci-fi and fantasy comics with a focus on strong female characters. Most of them are lesbians.

Watch out for violence, sex, language, drug, alcohol, cigarette use and a lot of abuse. You've been warned!

Long story
I believe in women’s strength, power and intelligence: my art celebrates all of this.

I believe that the world needs more lesbian voices: this is why all of my main characters are lesbians.

I believe in expressing myself honestly: although you will find very uncomfortable subjects in my comics, I can guarantee you that not a single page contains anything gratuitous. By the way, even if sex and nudity are present, there is no porn, here. You can find plenty of that elsewhere.

Finally, I believe in reason and science. I am not religious, I am not spiritual, I don’t give a damn. But if you are into these things, I’ll probably talk to you.

Comment, subscribe, spread the infected word, have fun!

InfectedBlood's comics
Infected Blood
Follow the descent into hell of a juvenile delinquent and her tormented rise to power.
Last update: 25th Jul 2018
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The Green-Eyed Sniper - A Sho(r)t Story
The paths of a nurse, a war criminal and a hospital administrator cross in unexpected ways, as secrets unveil and no one seems to be the person everyone knew before... Action, drama, romance and cool sci-fi!

WARNING: This was my very first serious attempt at writing and drawing a comic. Although you will find some characters from Infected Blood here, NOTHING you read in The Green-Eyed Sniper is canon to Infected Blood. In other words, just read them as they were two completely unrelated comics, because at the core, that's what they really are.

WARNING 2: I will repeat the previous warning ad nauseam, so readers won't get confused.

Last update: 27th Jul 2018
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