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Inuyuru's Profile
Registration date: 19th Jul 2012
Last seen: 6th Jun 2017, 2:18 AM
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Location: dolton
About me
I'm 21 years old, love to draw and fight dragons as a side job. It pays well.

Inuyuru's comics
Worlds collide. The Vatican has issued that Monsters, Demons, and Humans are to live together in one world in peace. Kevin O'Conner, the leader of the Non-Human Restoration Committee, is to oversee this project. But none of the players in this game are aware of what the powers that be hold in store for the end. And vice versa
Last update: 30th May 2017
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Orc Quest
A modern world where sexual frustration is common, there is an organization called the "Stress Relievers" a group of men and women dedicated to making your wildest sexual fantasies come true.

Deidra is an orc trying to make a name for herself in the SR and to fight against the negative view of Orcs in the eyes of the human race.

A comic mostly done for plot, full of sex and Monster Girls.

Last update: 26th Nov 2016
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