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Last seen: 27th Nov 2014, 10:23 PM
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Finally back (hopefully for a while to come)! I've got some tremors in my hands now, so I can't really draw, but my friend will hopefully be my artist for my comics so we can get these things rolling (again)

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Unoriginal Pokemon Comic
An unoriginal comic about the perils of a Pokemon trainer.
Last update: 28th Oct 2011
This is the story of an ordinary girl who goes off to a boarding school, only to find out that not everything is as it seems...

[Updates Saturdays]

Last update: 15th May 2014
Strong Sexual Themes
Mango Tsunami
Basically a journal webcomic about the randomness that is the life of me, Invader.Socks.
Last update: 16th Sep 2011
Stick 'N Stone
This is the story of Alexander Drystone, his Farfetch'd, and his friend Fern as they travel through the Unova region.
Last update: 22nd Jun 2011
Graphic Violence / Gore