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Ippy Ku's Profile
Ippy Ku
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Registration date: 14th Nov 2016
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Location: My House
About Me
Silly, spunky, and obsessed with bagels.
See more of me at

Ippy Ku's Webcomics
Shadow's Tale
Creepy, other dimension lair?
Umbrakinetic abilities?
Malicious monsters that were unleashed from a cursed book by accident?
He may need some help with that from his arch nemesi- I MEAN "partner" to put them all back...
But, seriously though... he's not a villain.
...He's not!

Last update: 20th May 2017
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Ten Little Monkeys
You are Reese, a convict who has recently received a mysterious letter to Redgallow Manor.
Along with 9 others, you arrive with the promise at hand that you would be able to escape your past, and start a new life if you could find the hidden treasure.
However, the invitation neglected to include that the mansion was cursed, and that death lurks around every corner.
An innocent little treasure hunt is now a difficult game of survival against monsters and lethal elements.
Every choice you make will lead to a different outcome.
Will you escape the horrors? Or succumb to them?

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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