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Webcomic artist! Loving to draw my first project, as well as reading a ton of them from other artists.

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(Fantasy, LGBT+, Action) A story about atonement in a caged kingdom, where not all is what it seems. Updates Tuesdays.

The magical kingdom of Aeolia is threatened regularly by Dark Lords: evil sorcerers that bring destruction upon the isolated floating islands. The latest evildoer – the king’s twin brother – endured the battles against the Great Heroes Elise, Veriesin, Audrey and Stormsever with ease, until he made a grave mistake and turned himself in, out of sorrow.

Because of his uncanny powers and great knowledge, Prince Mortimer was spared, and the outcast barely lives to keep his adopted children and retainer safe. But the disappearance of the legendary Elise has made the world defenseless against a new Dark Lord, and Veriesin enlists the ex-villain to make up for his crimes with heroism. Can even black magic be used for great deeds?

(tw: mild violence, strong language, implied self harm)

Last update: Yesterday
Occasional Strong Language