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I am the Iron Spearow. You'd be wise to remember my name C:<

I hail from the strange land of Smackjeeves. I went under the name of M.W back then but now that I've immigrated here, I've decided to change my name to one more fitting to the new culture of this land. I learned a lot from my experiences back in the land of Smackjeeves and hope to share them with you all.

Ironspearow's Webcomics
PMD: Adventures In Viraska
A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Fan Comic starring Team Salvage. They go on a holiday to the land of Viraska when one morning, Stanley (Froakie) finds his team mates have all gone missing (barring one). It is up to the intelligent yet sorta weak froakie to find the rest of his team mates and bring the team back together.

Meanwhile, the comic also follows the story of Lief (a cunning leader and thief) and his quest to prevent an evil group of Pokemon from getting their hands on his treasured flute, the final key to their grand plans. Can he take on the group by himself? Or will he fall under the might of Radiant?

What are you waiting for, get stuck in!

Rated T for Teen- has cartoon violence and some pretty evil things if I remember correctly.
Updates daily for the next approximately 260 days
This is a repost of my ongoing comic series that I started in SJ.

Last update: 5 days ago
Violent Content
Clash of Poke-Characters
Ever Wondered who would win in a fight between your two favourite pokemon characters in your two favourite pokemon comic series? Or just like to watch pokemon duke it out? Well this comic is for you.

Come, grab some popcorn and watch as I make pokemon characters from different comic series fight it out (some exceptions may apply).

Updates: Random
Warning: Cartoon blood and violence. Things are going to get very bloody indeed.

Last update: 15th Dec 2020
Graphic Violence / Gore
Pokémon RP: Lost Island
The role play part of a forum game. Also contains a drawn version of the story by Espeon Person.

If you would like to join the rp, please do these things:

1) Let the Alolan PokeNerd(A.P.N) know that you want to do so.

2) Create a character for the role-play(Drawn references are helpful and encouraged, but not necessary)

3) This isn't actually a step, but it is a tip XD: Have your character interact with the main group for maximum rping

Last update: 21st Feb 2021