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Registration date: 5th May 2013
Last seen: 26th Jun 2013, 8:04 PM
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Location: Portland, OR
About Me
Writing songs, drawing dogs, and fighting 'round the world.

J.R.Reuter's Webcomics
The Misadventures of Bailey Baker the Beagle
This comic is devoted to a beagle named Bailey, a dog whom I’ve been forced to live with for the past two years because my roommates refuse to set her free in the woods somewhere far away.

Beagle owners know that the single-mindedness of this breed is unparalleled, and that this comic's recurring theme of ‘sausage on the mind’ is an image that is disturbingly close to reality.

Every single aspiration, dream and motivation experienced in her little doggy brain can be adequately summed up with one sentence: The pursuit of calories.

So while the little bologna loaf is enormously obnoxious, she remains cute, and funny, and in a depraved, carnal sort of way, fairly endearing. Enjoy this trip into the mind of a dog who takes the phrase, “live to eat” into an entirely new stratosphere.

Last update: 16th Jun 2013
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