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I like making comics since 2022


i hope you enjoy them

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Beetle king Beetle king
A king vanishes, Kingdoms divide, and chaos ensues. Its's up to three unusual friends that come from three different domains that rule the forest they live in: Bug, Aviator and reptilian, to push against the differences in their class to restore the beetle kings legacy. will they be able to travel beyond their comfortable home in the trees? Or will they fall victim to the past of their ancestors.
Last update: 8 days ago
Occasional Strong Language
a bunch of random roblox side comics I like to make :p featuring a bunch of my friends roblox characters!

somethings to know
1. this does not have a upload schedule !
2. me and my friends are quite silly
3. i use this series to experiment with comic making sometimes

Last update: 12 days ago
Occasional Strong Language
Dabloons of the light Dabloons of the light
There once was a legend of bright wispy lights that float through a town after new years bringing fortune to everyone who was lucky to catch one. What was the fortune you ask? Doubloons of course! And one lucky cat was determined to get his paws on as many he can..
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Dead Line Dead Line
work on the bio dont rush me
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
Graphic Violence / Gore Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
updates updates updates updates updates updates
i update stuff about my comics here

check out my webcomics:
beetle king, a bug, bird and dragon go on a life changing adventure:

Deadline, a deadly manga artist becomes a grim reaper:
N/A atm

Robloxian, short comics about me and my silly friends:

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