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Registration date: 31st Mar 2013
Last seen: 31st Dec 2018, 9:23 PM
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About Me
I'm JD Dishmon, a guy who loves to draw comics about superheroes and working on them under the Sea-Lab Comic Productions imprint I've created based on a old nickname someone gave me in High School.

Current titles: Nexgen, Kunai, and other TBA

I'm on youtube now (well I've been doing it for years but hey might as well use it to help promote me now) click here to check it out

JDDishmon's Webcomics
A story featured in a black and white manga style about a genius autistic who protects the innocent with a high tech armor while maintaining his relationships.

NEXGEN is the reboot of the Silver Guard comic with a reimagining of the characters

Now updates on at twice a week on weekends

(c)JD Dishmon's Sea-Lab Productions

Last update: 16th Aug 2017
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Kunai the series
In the city of Los Angeles injustices happen under the surface of society with only one man is brave enough to fight for the innocent and his name is Kunai, the ninja master vigilante as he battles the criminal element and corrupt officials the way only he could with his wits, throwing knives, and two Swords.

notice Chapter two will begin on June 30, 2017 est

(C) JDDishmon's Sea-Lab Production studio 2016

Last update: 6th Jun 2017
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Kunai Dark Protector
A comic set in the seeded under belly of Los Angeles where right and wrong are blurred to the point beyond distinguished. Only one man is brave enough to fight for the underdogs and his name is Kunai, the ninja master vigilante. As he is battling the criminal element he'll unknowingly changes the face of the city's underworld forever.

Updates Mon and Sat each week

(C) JDDishmon's Sea-Lab Production studio

Last update: 1st Nov 2014
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