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Lady Spectra & Sparky
Schoolteacher Paula Carson and her daughter Jill lead a double life! When danger threatens Apollo City, they don the costumes of LADY SPECTRA & SPARKY! With brains, brawn, and laser bracelets, they battle the nefarious villains who threaten the innocent!
Last update: 10th Jun 2019
After the collapse of civilization, humanity is thrown back to a medieval state. Into this fragmented world comes Glorianna, a sword-for-hire seeking her fortune. She travels the world, finding danger, intrigue, and romance.
Last update: 22nd Sep 2017
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes
The Reaper
Douglas O'Neil was a low-rent private eye, scraping by on mundane missing persons and divorce cases. But a brush with a secret murder cult changed his life, revealing the dark conspiracies that lie beneath the everyday world. Now, as The Reaper, he fights against the evils that most of us don't even know exist...
Last update: 12th Jan 2014
Capella is the daughter of Captain Cosmos, legendary champion of justice. She inherited his superhuman strength and near-invulnerability, and everyone expects her to follow in Dad's footsteps. But Capella couldn't care less about fighting crime - she just wants to be a normal kid.
However, fate has other plans, and Capella finds herself drawn into the "superhero lifestyle" despite herself. Will she accept the responsibility of her father's legacy, or tell the world to go to hell?

Last update: 20th Mar 2015
He travels the spaces between dimensions. He is an explorer, a scholar whose classroom is the universe. He has seen the Cosmic Order, and works to preserve it. He has mastered the disciplines of body, mind, and spirit.
He is Phantos.
He was human, once.
Join Phantos on his journeys through the infinite!

Last update: 16th Mar 2018