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About Me
A webcomic artist and writer, I hope to one day get published (or at least get the attention of an editor/publisher) and kickstart my storytelling career! Old enough to drink (legally) and make horrible decisions (morally questionable), I spend most of my time either at work or working on new pages for Dead Days!

Jace Callaway's Webcomics
The Seeker Legends
Samara and Aiden Graves are just average high school sophomores at Cliffside High with an ordinary life. That is, until one fateful day when the twins find a strange and mystical ring that opens their eyes to an entirely new world of myths and legends. Suddenly, battling mythical monsters and balancing their ordinary lives becomes the new norm, and with each threat getting more and more dangerous, it's getting harder and harder to keep their fantastical life separate from their regular one.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Project Lazarus: Dead Days
A viral epidemic has taken the world by the reins, forcing the infected to take up cannibalism. A former Navy Seal is on a mission to find her sister after a horrible plane wreck leaves her scarred, and the impending End of the World surrounds her. Friends and Foes alike are met on this journey, and when the only goal in everyone's mind is to survive and protect what is theirs, the lines of morality get blurred and 'survive at any cost' becomes the law of the land.
Last update: 31st Oct 2019
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A spin-off series set in the same universe as Project Lazarus: Dead Days, follow Logan Bexley and her band of merry smugglers as they take on the biggest smuggling job since the infection broke out eight years ago! Nevermore is a rollercoaster ride of emotion, drama, comedy, mysterious pasts, and endless puns and sarcasm!

Series contains:
*LGBT+ themes
*Extensive swearing
*Alcohol/drug use
*Sexual themes
*Bad puns and worse idea

Last update: 24th Oct 2018
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