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The ILL#1- The first and greatest superhero of them all changed the world 15 years ago by erasing mankind's memories of superheroes! Why, suddenly, are the memories returning? The first storyarc, 'Peace On One Earth', introduces a world awakening from a dream of normalcy to the weird, cosmic, costumed reality that awaits them! A 31-issue series, written and drawn by M.Watkins.
Last update: 4th Apr 2020
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
Designate 11
Spinning off from ongoing superhero webcomic The Ill, Designate 11 takes us on a tour of the larger universe and the heroes (and villains, gods, demons, etc) that populate it! The gritty street-level drama of Oneman...the goofy, idealized interplanetary science reality of Europa, Girl of the Future...the perilous pits of giant insects on Kee Rokk the Caveboy's Isle of Monsters! Explore it all in Universe Designate 11!
Last update: 19th Dec 2019
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language