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I like to explore, ride my bike (what a surprise ha), and draw.
I want to go on an adventure someday.
Electroswing, rock, metal and ambient music tickle my fancy.
If you're looking for sweet tunes, try Röyksopp, System of a Down,
Gorillaz, or Snowmine.

Bicycle Boy is my first full length, full colour comic.

Jackarais's Webcomics
Bone Quest
A short HTML game about finding bones
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
Frequent Strong Language
Bicycle Boy - Moved!
Last update: 6th Oct 2018
Tales of the wandering stranger
Edward Marrowfinger just wanted to go on a midnight stroll...

So begins this webcomic anthology, six comics in total, each of them a stand-alone story on their own, but they're also closely tied to each other to an overarching whole. It starts sometime in the Victorian age, with three kids and a book. And Edward Marrowfinger. Then, more and more people turn into undead. Until......

Last update: 3rd Dec 2019
Graphic Violence / Gore

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