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Jackit And Friends
Meet Jackit, an teenish water mentalist. This comic is about the many adventures, misadventures, and stuff in between that he and his friends/allies goes through.
Last update: 24th Jul 2011
Bob And Steve With a Side of Gossipie
A site combination of Bob and Steve comics as well as Gossipie TV comics.

Bob and Steve: Two Kritters agents, one's a dummy and the other has to put up with him. They used to work for K.Rool but got fired so now they just do odd and ends for various villains... that or I as the creator just like to tease around with them for technically being evil.

Gossipie TV: Show about a gossip television host. Her job is to go around collecting gossip from various game heroes including Jackit. However, she isn't always that successful.

Last update: 6th Jun 2011