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formerly Haimerej
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A fair hand at image editing, still working on my script writing ability. Expect most of my works to be co-authored by GrinningFox27.

Jadelynn's Webcomics
Dullahans & Delinquents Dullahans & Delinquents
A Campaign Comic: A concept where somebody takes images from a series or movie, and turns it into a universe where the series or movie never existed, and is instead being run as a tabletop RPG. Sometimes used to parody or critique the source material. Welcome to a Campaign Comic based on Durarara!! Enjoy the ride.
Last update: 14th Apr 2017
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
Highschool of the D&D Highschool of the D&D
HOTD&D is a Campaign Comic which runs the anime/manga Highschool of the Dead as a D&D-ish style campaign, starring the sparkling personalities of insane Otaku gamers playing the characters from the anime. See a Campaign Comic as played not by weird gaming nerds but by creepy Otaku nerds, for whom the concepts of 'normal' and 'sanity' rarely apply.
Last update: 18th May 2020
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
The Jericho Effect The Jericho Effect
Somebody got bored and decided to create a sub-universe to play around with. Because that somebody has incredibly bad drawing ability, stick figures it is. That somebody then gives his creations free will. Hilarity and meta humor ensues.
Updates Monday through Friday.

Last update: 25th Dec 2012