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Jaeden's Profile

Registration date: 13th Aug 2011
Last seen: 6th May 2015, 1:10 PM
Posts: 181
Comments left: 111
Ratings given: 4.47 / 34
Profile views: 1284
Location: Arizona, US
About me
I'm a mouthy and conceited little prick with a jittery hand and a douchebag attitude.
I am also an inexperienced and untrained cartoonist/animator ANDANDAND the creator of the Flunkies Comics and co-creator of Basic Cable Comics

Also, me crap ohn faking Daventart...

Jaeden's comics
Follow Walter, Fred and friends as they take on the troubles of life and the hardships of.... life..... christ, I shoulda thought this description through.

Warning: there will be a lot of swearing, racist comments, downright vulgarity, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and animal abu... maybe not animal abuse... But this is a pretty fucked up comic. So if you're looking for some goody two shoes bullcrap, I'd suggest you bash your fucking modem against the wall so you no longer have access to the internet... Or just read something else. This comic is dumb and will make you dumb. Have a nice day.

Last update: 2nd Nov 2014
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Basic Cable
Last update: 4th Jan 2013
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Old Flunkies

WARNING: strong language

Follow Walter, Fred, and the crew in this world of orgasmic wonder, with sunshine and dreams around ever corner.

Last update: 14th Jan 2013
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