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Hi, I'm J. I like video games, art, and writing. So I combined all three. 'S why I'm here.

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Newchord Panic
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Newchord city is a so-called 'safe haven' for video game characters, known as toons, who desperately seek refuge from the violence, horrors, or monotony of their games. Ruled by the laws of the university, La Ciel, the shining beacon above the city, toons remain ever-obedient under the tyrannical Dean Regalla, who forces toons into reeducation should they step out of line.

Sheridan Tramo, a newly born toon, has been lead to Newchord city by nothing more than a trail of cryptic notes, in search of her lost sister. Though her mission quickly changes as she uncovers the dark secrets of La Ciel, and the toons who are forced to study there.

Last update: 15th Aug 2015
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language