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James Mulholland
Registration date: 1st Mar 2014
Last seen: 1st Sep 2017, 4:21 PM
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Location: Ireland
About Me
I'm a writer from Ireland. I write screenplays and comics. Also have directed some short films etc.

I will have about 5 web-comics uploaded by Summer 2014 and hopefully I'll have about 12 by the end of the year.

Also currently developing three pitches to submit to publishers for on-going and mini series. My web-comics will be available to buy in an anthology (printed) by summer 2014.

James Mulholland's Webcomics
This site has a number of short stories in comic format. An antholohgy of short stories of different genres. All the comics are written and lettered by James Mulholland, with Art and Colors by a range of talented individuals.

By the start of 2015, the goal is to have 12 stories uploaded and two anthologies, with these stories, in print.

Follow me on twitter for more updates on this series and also my other works including, comic series, screenplays, etc.

Twitter @


A DEAD GOOD FRIEND - A gangster, period piece.
THREE ARROWS, FOUR TARGETS. - A ninja, action comic.

Last update: 30th Jan 2017
[Comic profile]
This web-comic will be an on-going comic.

The story follows a man called DAVID, who after surviving through an alien invasion on planet Earth, struggles to survive. He deals with dehydration, hunger but also from hiding from the alien threat that is now trying to run the entire planet. The only thing stopping them... is the resistance, who are fighting a lost cause... until hope arrives in a way that they least expect.

Last update: 15th Mar 2015
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When Gerry wakes up in the attic of his home, all he remembers is going to dinner with his daughter and grandson the previous night and arguing as he left the restaurant. He can’t comprehend why he’s not sleeping in his bed, and it seems like his family may be playing a prank. The old man wanders outside in search of answers, only to discover that the world has changed dramatically while he was asleep.

Facebook -
Twitter -

Last update: 19th Apr 2015
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High Noon Rising
This is a traditional western story. No Supernatural elements. It will be an on-going webcomic broken into 5 issues that have about 20-22 pages per issue. One page will be uploaded every Saturday.
Last update: 27th Apr 2016
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JORUND: HONOR BOUND follows a young norseman named JORUND who is tasked by his vile mother to regain their family’s honor by killing the viking that murdered his father.
Last update: 3rd Jul 2017
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