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Registration date: 27th Nov 2012
Last seen: 22nd Mar 2015, 6:15 PM
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About me
A comics kaiju.

Jams's comics
Lingua Franca Comics
Interstellar Hijinks. Sequential Lyricism. Fisticuffs. Footwork. The Old One-Two.
Last update: 10th Sep 2014
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Condensed Vibrations
A mid-twenties slacker agrees to test experimental time machine equipment for an unpredictable scientist, but the experiment leaves him with uncontrollable side effects.

--- time travel mad scientist test pilot robot pug astronaut time machine side effect scifi sci-fi science fiction mystery comedy funny awesome future smart lab cool science adventure fun excitement sci-fi comedy

Last update: 4th Sep 2013
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An Apprentice's Tale
A randomly seeded story which began as a 24hour drawing challenge and has grown into a slightly more time-consuming project. It focused on a bio-mechanical being, known as Apprentice, and is set in the space between dimensions.
Last update: 28th Sep 2011
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