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Registration date: 19th Feb 2013
Last seen: 23rd Aug 2016, 12:59 AM
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Jardenon's comics
Solaar: A Draconian odyssey
It is a cold world, Cruel, and unforgiving. Three nations are at war with one another, all seeking the precious element that powers their technology. Dragons are hunted almost to extinction, and in all of this one lone lost soul must survive this worlds cruelty, or be consumed by it. This is his story.
Last update: 30th Mar 2015
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Solaar Lore
this is a place for art related to Solaar: A draconian Odyssey. some art might not appear here, but refs, lore, and other goodies will appear here sporadically. for the entire comic, go here: WARNING extreme adult content!
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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