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Registration date: 17th Jan 2017
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Location: Finland
About me
I figured this would be good place to upload my comic since DA can be laggy. But to contact me or find more of my work please check my DA

JenJen's comics
Between Kings and Queens
Very simply put:
Upcoming King Kitsune named Ayumu falls in love with prostitute Kitsune named Kiara.

Updates on Mondays and Fridays


Last update: 4 days ago
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Sold Bride
This comic is spin off to my other comic called "Between Kings & Queens." The comic takes place in same universe, but in different country and in different timeline. Character or two from the original comic might be mentioned, but they're not shown. So you don't need to follow the original to follow this one.

Story itself follows a couple who have to build their relationship from uncomfortable circumstances.

Last update: 6 days ago
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Shotcomic about old Finnish mythological creature called Näkki.
Last update: 9th Jul 2018
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