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Jessie Blue
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Registration date: 9th Feb 2015
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Location: Canada
About me
I've been drawing since I could clutch a pencil in my tiny fist. I love the beauty in simple lines and the push and pull of black and white art, I also adore the rich spectrum of colors and the mood that can be expressed through deliberate use of color theory. I've always had a wry sense of humor and I can't resist making pointed observations about things I see in the world.

Jessie Blue's comics
Lord Fageaunard's School of Fine and Pretentious Artes
Esteemed and respected throughout the known world, Lord Fágeaunard's School of Fine and Pretentious Artes is a place where Art is the subject of study as well as the muse of serendipitous discovery and the glorious zeitgeist of creation. Steeped in a history that provides an unshakable foundation upon which to build, students at Fágeaunard's have the opportunity to learn, explore, and grow under the tutelage of professors who are also artists themselves.

((Updates: twice a week))

Last update: 24th Nov 2018
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Weird Shorts
Weird shorts- Full color single panel and short strips of my random humorous thoughts and ideas. Covering all subjects- Cats, slice of life, popular culture, art, animals, kitties, GLBTA, bigfoot, aliens, sci-fi, fantasy, and our feline masters...
Updates- Randomly

Last update: 10th Nov 2018
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