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I've been drawing since I was old enough to not eat the crayons. Starting out as a traditional artist with a preference for ink, watercolor, and marker, I have since branched out to learn digital methods and have even gotten a Bachelors in Animation and Digital Painting.

I love nature and animals, I love color, my art is full of whimsy and fantasy. My humor is quirky and sometimes sarcastic. So if you can handle the weirdness come in and look around.

Jessie Blue's Webcomics
Tales From the Elfwoods Tales From the Elfwoods
The Elfwoods, a majestic untamed forest, home to creatures both magical and mundane. The Elfwoods are a true forest primeval, untamed by humans, though not untouched. The wood is guarded by elves and nurtured by tree-herders, full of beautiful and unique creatures and also of danger for the unwary.

Tales From the Elfwoods will an ongoing series of short stories set in or around the sprawling forest known as the Elfwoods.

Updates Monday.

Last update: 12th Oct 2021
Occasional Frontal Nudity
Weird Shorts Weird Shorts
Weird shorts- Full color single panel and short strips of my random humorous thoughts and ideas. Covering all subjects- Cats, slice of life, popular culture, art, animals, kitties, GLBTA, bigfoot, aliens, sci-fi, fantasy, and our feline masters...
Updates- Randomly

Last update: 1st Mar 2020
Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language