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Jessie Blue's Profile
Jessie Blue⚧
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Registration date: 9th Feb 2015
Last seen: Today, 5:16 AM
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Location: Canada
About me
I've been drawing since I could clutch a pencil in my tiny fist. I love the beauty in simple lines and the push and pull of black and white art, I also adore the rich spectrum of colors and the mood that can be expressed through deliberate use of color theory. I've always had a wry sense of humor and I can't resist making pointed observations about things I see in the world.
I grew up in the American Midwest and moved to Canada some years ago.

Jessie Blue's comics
Weird Shorts
Weird shorts- Full color single panel and short strips of my random humorous thoughts and ideas. Covering all subjects- Cats, slice of life, popular culture, art, animals, kitties, GLBTA, bigfoot, aliens, some politics (but not too much) sci-fi, fantasy, and our feline masters...
Updates- Randomly

Last update: 2nd May 2017
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The Grey Sword
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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