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Hi, I'm Jack, I grew up in Oregon near Portland, which is a notoriously strange and wonderful place that's under a coffee shop invasion and is 70% rain. I'm a 90s child with bipolar 1 and PTSD, and a lot of my inspiration comes from my experiences with mental health and anime and manga, though I prefer to have my own art style. I have been drawing comics passionately for nearly 20 years now, working up experience in order to produce my own original stories. The comics you'll find here are very different genres from one another, so feel free to check them out and see if any of them click.

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My Magic Grandpa My Magic Grandpa
She's got straight As, her only friends are her studies, and this 90s kid prides herself as one of the only normal kids in her school. Well, only up until her missing grandfather shows up wielding a magic golf club. Yes, MAGIC. As a girl of science, facts, and logic, things like magic and otherworldly beings were once just made up myths to Suzie Sterling. But not any more, now she's suddenly being dragged off in to the weird, magical, and paranormal with her eccentric and odd Grandpa, Coach. How's a girl supposed to go on crazy adventures AND keep up good grades?!

My Magic Grandpa is a 'monster of the week' style story, meaning each episode has a different supernatural encounter that must be dealt with in some way. While episodes can be standalone, it is following a linear timeline which will have continuity.


Looking for affiliates!
Want me to advertise your comic? If you agree to share a link to My Magic Grandpa on your comic website somewhere, and I approve of your comic, I will add a link to yours on mine! PM me with a link to your comic and have a small thumbnail ready for me to use as an ad on the affiliates page. You must have AT LEAST 10 pages of your comic done and posted for me to accept, NO RATED X CONTENT. If I think your comic is appropriate to advertise on MMG, I'll let you know and we can link swap.

Last update: Yesterday
Violent Content
Bedeviled Dotty Bedeviled Dotty
With a little influence (well, a lot) from her new kitsune friend, Dotty Paws the rabbit has decided it's time to take a new and more aggressive approach to finding a boyfriend. She dreams of one day confessing her love to her shy but energetic college professor. But until then, she's going to need some practice and a bit of help! [This is an interactive 'ask' comic, all questions can be sent to http://bedeviled-dotty.tumblr.com/ask ]

Updates once a month.

Last update: 8th Dec 2022
Sexual Situations
Once Upon a Calamity Once Upon a Calamity
Once upon a time, there were wonderful stories. These stories were known and loved by all, and passed down over the generations. Children would gather round and listen in excitement and fascination as each storybook was opened and read aloud to them. Stories of magic, princesses, heroes, girls in capes and the big bad wolf. Stories of friendship, love and important
lessons for life.
But tonight, this storyteller holds these wonderful storybooks, covered in blood stains and tears. And now, these books shall be opened, and you are the children who eagerly await the new tales of tragedy and horror.



Last update: 3rd Oct 2022
Graphic Violence / Gore
WTF? I'm a Magical Girl's Familiar?! WTF? I'm a Magical Girl's Familiar?!
This comic is currently a concept, and will hopefully become a comic, but it won't be for at least a few years from now (now being Jan 2021). You are welcome to read the 8 page draft intro and follow if you are interested, and I will add concept art as it's being figured out.

Summary: A very blunt and angry prostitute finds himself in a strange place, where he's told he's going to become a magical creature called a mescat and serve as a magical girl's familiar to fight against a force called 'The Darkness'.

Last update: 15th Dec 2022
Violent Content Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
Life With Jitters Life With Jitters
This is just a collection of old and possibly new comics, often single frame, of true facts and events from the author's life. The author is a transman with ADHD and Bi-Polar 1 who has a lot of odd habits and behaviors.
The author character will change often, as I have a lot of 'looks' for my persona, and it just depends on my mood at the time or how well it fits with the moment.

This comic does not update frequently, it's just whenever I'm in the mood to draw something silly from my life.

Last update: 10th Dec 2022
Occasional Strong Language