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Registration date: 5th Sep 2010
Last seen: 8th Jun 2012, 3:36 AM
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Location: Asia
About me
Jnvn is a 16-year old Malaysian student with a passion for graphics, music, performing (singing and acting), and photography.

Jnvn can draw more than fleshed-out stickmen, but those darn 'real' humans can't pose for nuts!

Jnvn's deviantART, because everyone on ComicFury secretly has one:

Jnvn's comics
In the year 2150, a lone soldier of the Reds is selected to prototype his faction's integrated weapon system. Follow the amusing and sometimes sufficiently heart-pumping adventures of Private Daisy (codename) in Earth2150.

Inspired by Halo and 'Gone With The Blastwave', an ongoing webcomic by Kimmo Lemmetti.

Jnvn does not advocate war, so please do not shoot your neighbours.

Last update: 24th Dec 2010
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Everyday amusement.
Last update: 4th Jan 2011
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